Crabsticks by Gadre Seafoods

From a small fish packing unit to one of India’s biggest Surimi manufacturing plants with automated manufacturing process and consistently delivering high quality frozen seafood products Gadre Seafoods garnered a reputation of being a trusted manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood manufacturing a wide range of products including marinated ready-to-cook fish and cut n clean raw fish.

Gadre Seafoods launched Crabsticks at an event held at Cafe Public Connection, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Crab Sticks are ready to eat anywhere, anytime! Gadre Crab Sticks have such an authentic, yummy crab flavor you can eat them right out of the pack.

Crab Sticks


Surimi (53%) (Fish Meat (94%), Sugar), Water, Stabilizer (INS 1420), Wheat Starch, Sugar, Salt, Glycine, Egg White Powder, Colour (INS 160d), Stabilizer (INS 407)

Allergen statement: Contains Fish meat, Soybean, Egg & Shellfish.

These crab sticks can be used to make some lip smacking dishes like

Butter Garlic Crab Sticks
Cold Coconut Crab Stick Soup

Carb Cakes

Crab cakes
Crab Risotto
Crab Stick Noodles
Creamy Crab & Corn Soup
Fruit Slad With Crab Sticks
Grilled Crab Burgers & many more.


Through their pursuit of excellence, Gadre Seafoods has made a mark on the global map with quality products at a competitive price. They now aim to focus on the Indian market, and believe their frozen seafood is in line with the taste of modern Indians, who like to experiment and look for simpler and healthier food options.